What I appreciate about working with Chris is that he thinks through the whole process before starting a task. This allows him to make sure he has most or all the questions answered and the necessary tools and materials at hand. And in planning ahead, he is not only more efficient with his time but he usually comes up with one or two ways to simplify the process or improve the end product. His communication style is low key, but the wheels are turning.

– Scott Bedingfield, Kailua-Kona (formerly Hawi)

Chris came to our house and I was impressed with his work! He was easy to talk to and he took the time to really listen to what we wanted. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

– Camille Ackerman Dugan, North Kohala

Chris Johnson built me a beautiful arbor for my jade vine, and replaced five front windows; he built a new kitchen ceiling, and, after the 2006 earthquake, worked with two other men to replace the rickety rocks and 4xs down cellar with a solid foundation. I have nothing but praise for his work! He arrives when he says he will, cleans up afterwards, and is an honest, reliable man. I’d consider anyone fortunate to be able to employ him.

– Fleur Weymouth, Hawi

Chris Johnson did a remarkable job for us on the challenging renovation of our rental house in Kapa’au. The house had deferred maintenance and damage from an ongoing water leak of an unknown origin. We hadn’t seen the property for several years and would have to work with Chris long distance, relying on his assessments of the condition of the house and what needed to be done and have him provide information about materials readily available locally. Communication would be the key to success with this project, and after prompt, clear and detailed responses to our initial inquiries, we were assured that we would have a good collaboration. When Chris proposed to deal with the leak as a separate issue before we decided on anything else, then persistently tracked it down and fixed it, we knew we had found our contractor!

We appreciated the high degree of professionalism demonstrated throughout the project. Our contract with Chris was detailed and complete with reliable cost and time estimates and a convenient payment plan. We were continually updated with emails and phone conferences. Chris and his wife/partner Bela posted progress photos online as well as photos of materials, fixtures and appliances they found locally to provide us with choices for the many decisions we had to make.

Chris is an excellent craftsman who sets high standards for himself. He takes time to carefully think about problems and comes through with creative solutions. He strives to reuse and repair what he can and is hard working, persistent and reliable. Chris always worked closely with us to assure we were satisfied and was mindful of keeping costs down without sacrificing quality. His easy going nature made dealing with him a pleasure. We trusted completely that he would do his best for us.

Seeing our finished house in person was a delightful experience. High quality craftsmanship and careful attention to detail showed throughout, resulting in a transformation that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Chris as a talented and dependable contractor.

– Paul and Karen Anderson, Alaska and Kapa’au, HI

Chris Johnson was an integral part of my company for many years. He has good judgment, a fine work ethic, great talent, a positive attitude, and is an all-around nice guy. He was asked for by name by longtime clients.

If you can talk him into working for you, you will not regret it. Chris worked on a number of projects over the years including a 5500 square foot custom house with a natural finish Douglas fir paneling. This was especially challenging due to the trimless brass detailing. He was part of this construction from start to finish, even rebuilding defective windows. He has done quite a few smaller projects too, from replacing rotted sills to building custom kitchens, to designing and building windows and screens for a 150 year old house. One particularly challenging job was replicating a wraparound porch on a Queen Anne-style home which entailed tapering matched floor boards for a radial installation.

Chris has done his fair share of the more onerous jobs too, whether it was shingling roofs, replacing footing posts under buildings, forming and pouring concrete, putting on sidewall shingles or clearing a site. He has great rapport with clients and seems to get along with anyone. He is steady and reliable, imaginative and thoughtful. If you need any other information, please call and try to convince him to move back to Maine.

– Dexter R. Bellows, Bellows Woodworks, Hancock, ME

I would strongly recommend employing Chris Johnson as a Master Carpenter. We engaged Bellows Woodworking Company to completely redo our first floor bathroom. It was a complex job requiring extensive interior construction. He frequently demonstrated his special skills whenever we asked him to do something unique. He is a diligent worker, took care to clean up properly, and exercised good judgment whenever problems came up. He is polite, well spoken and completely dependable.

– Clement M. Silvestro, Hancock, ME

Every single thing Chris put his hand to at this large old Hawaiian home was done with total expertise; I consider myself very lucky to have met the Johnsons early on. Chris is a Master Woodworker. Grab his help pronto, for this humble man’s work is so well done that he won’t be available much longer except two years down the road!

– A Happy Customer in North Kohala